Stealth game from 2007 that will make you a killer


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The original murder-stealth game that followed Thief.

Back in the days when Hitman first came out, people said that it was a modern version of the hit game “Thief.” At the time, they may have been right, but since then it has taken on a life of its own. It has never been as open-world as Thief was, and there are many times that you feel railroaded in both the original version and the sequels, but it still offers enough execution options for you to feel satisfied. In addition, there are times when you can run up and pull off a full-frontal assault with Hitman, whereas you cannot with a game such as Thief without being cut up.

The Original Was Not Perfect

Lots of people are going back to play the original Hitman games at the moment since the new movie Hitman: Agent 47 is/was released in August 2015, yet despite the fact it is a good game--it isn’t perfect.

The problem doesn’t lie within the game because when the game came out, it was fine for its era. The problem lies with nostalgia, and let’s be honest, nostalgia isn’t as good as it used to be. People think back about the Hitman games and in their heads they are seeing Assassins Creed, when really they should be thinking Tomb Raider 2.

Hitman Will Rise Again

Due to the new interest in the Hitman series, the game developers - IO Interactive - are making a new Hitman game called “Hitman.” This review is for the original Hitman: Codename 47 (2000) game that most people know as simply “Hitman.” The new rebooted game’s release is planned for December 2015.

Kill In Silence To Live Another Day

The aim of the game is to complete assassinations by whatever means possible. However, you get extra rewards if you do things such as not kill people other than the target, do not get caught, and/or take things and complete side quests.

You play as a test subject known as Agent 47, who has numerous almost super-human abilities that make him an excellent and deadly killer. As you progress through the game you hear people say things such as how it must have taken a team of killers to do the job that Agent 47 did alone.

Stealth And The Weapons Of Your Choice

Hitman is good enough to play through three or four times, but after that, it becomes very tiresome and the reason is because of the way the developers set up the game. Despite the fact that the game is supposed to allow you numerous options and ways of killing your target, the truth is that the developers clearly have their own opinions on how you should kill the target.

For example, as you near the target’s room, you may see a hammer lying on the desk, or you may catch a glimpse of the bad guy walking past a barrel of petrol. It is almost as if the developers went through each scene and gave two or three options on a plate for the player. It is a small nit-pick, and if you do play the game again then it will add to your gameplay experience rather than take from it.

Another unfair nitpick is the fact that there is a lack of tension in the game. For example, with Thief, if you were seen, you either ran, took out the enemy or died. With Hitman, you can be seen by lots of people and nothing happens. Sure, it means you have to pick your moment if you do not want to be outed as an assassin, and that is good, but it does take away some of the tension throughout a large portion of the game.


  • Numerous ways to complete the levels
  • Great graphics and gameplay for the year 2000
  • Fun to play if you have the time to get invested in the game
  • The start of a saga
  • Large areas and maps for you to explore
  • Hours of engaging play


  • The graphics are a little lacking compared to today’s gaming experience
  • It is lacking polish
  • Its sequels are better
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